The journey towards a violence free life

Refugee and migrant women and girls often face high levels of violence, extortion and exploitation. This is true not only for women traveling alone but also for women with children as well as those traveling with male relatives. It is not uncommon for women at AMURTEL to be mothers with children who are products of violence.

In collaboration with Medecins Sans Frontieres, AMURTEL’s sessions on women’s rights, social gender norms, sexual education, what constitutes violence and where they can get help if needed are life changing for some and food for thought for others.

I was physically and sexually abused by my brother as well as badly injured. In the hospital, they didn’t think I would live but no one blamed my brother. They didn’t even want to accept that he had done this to me. I left to save my life. But what he did was wrong. I wish I could go back because I would confront him now and not run away.
Danielle, 28, DR Congo.

My husband beat me regularly, very often. My mother-in-law scolded and humiliated me if I said anything about it. But now I know I have rights and I don’t want to accept it any longer.
Amaya, 32, Iran.