Amurtel is excited to announce our newest renovations, unveiled April of 2018 – the Mother-Baby safe space area. Thanks to the sponsorship of Sporty’s International School in Elliniko, our Mother-Baby area has become more cozy and inviting.

Upon entering AMURTEL, mothers are welcomed by our staff and find their spot on the comfy couch while they participate in one of our many Women Support Groups, ranging from breastfeeding to co-sleeping, or while they are waiting to see the midwife or the breastfeeding counsellor.

Right next door, in the child playing room, their children are able to “just be kids” and play around with the miniature kitchen, the stuffed animals, or in a carnival tent. Now, in this space, they can let their imaginations soar and run around safely under the supervision of our staff and volunteers.

In the groups, communication flourishes. Women leave our sessions in the Mother-Baby safe space empowered with knowledge and equipped with support from peers so they can keep their babies safe and healthy.