As a Company

As a Company


Fund our Actions and Projects with Direct Donation

In the context of Corporate Social Responsibility based on the ethos and business ethics of your business, your contribution may fund specific needs, actions, or projects; cover the purchase of some kind of equipment; or even fund a part of the operating expenses of our organization.


Donation of Items

If you have stock items from previous years and you cannot use them, contact us as they can be very important to meet our daily needs.


Corporate Opportunities for Volunteering

Encourage your skilled staff to volunteer with us for a short period of time. By voluntarily offering their services or know-how skills, your company is critically helping to promote our goals while contributing effectively to our efforts to save resources and reduce operating costs.

AMURTEL can benefit from volunteers with skills in journalism, fundraising, campaigning, grant, writing, marketing, communication, IT support, video making.