They talk about us!

A selection of articles and initiatives talking about our projects

20/2/2017 – Jacqueline Kantor – 6 Weeks With the Pregnant Refugees of Piraeus, Greece.

‘The caravans were a safe, female-only space, and women far past pregnancy and infant children came to visit, chat or seek safety from domestic violence. Condoms, prenatal vitamins and some medicine was available through donations, and underwear and bra distribution was always popular, particularly among pregnant women always looking for a larger size’.

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04/11/2016 – Rachel Kemble Photography – Photography Report of our day centre in Athens.

‘There is a sense of hope here, knowing that there’s a safe space to be cared for’. 

Have a look at the photo here. 

20/06/2016 – Huffington Post – 5 Ways to Help Refugee Moms

‘The specialists give check-ups to mothers and babies, listen to fetal heart tones, offer support on breastfeeding and infant care, and accompany mothers in childbirth.’

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5/06/2016 – Roberta Elliott – What I Learned Volunteering with Refugees in Greece

‘There is something so universal about a mother bathing her baby – in the palpable, two-way love at play in the bathtub.’

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5/05/2016 – The Guardian – First Laughs since Syria: the clowns getting refugee children smiling

‘Midwives from Amurtel: Greece for Refugee Mothers and Babies provide medical support for pregnant women and let mothers bathe their newborns in plastic tubs.’

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