Creating A Safe Empowered Space for Refugee Mothers and Babies

If you were a refugee woman without friends or family in a foreign country with an unknown language and unfamiliar customs and you were pregnant or had an infant, wouldn’t you be happy to find a safe women’s space for mothers and babies?

Wouldn’t it be a relief to meet and befriend other mothers, listen to the healthy heartbeat of your unborn child and get help to nurse or feed your baby in the best possible way?

AMURTEL Greece believes that all mothers and babies everywhere deserve this kind of care… And you can help them get it!

36 hours to raise 10,000 euros matched by generous donors to become 30,000!

From December 19 until December 20 at 23:59 GMT every donation you give will be TRIPLED!


Women from mainly middle eastern and African countries come to our center to find solace, friendship and professional care

*During pregnancy and postpartum

*For support with breastfeeding

*For optimum infant nutrition

*To gain knowledge about how their bodies work and how to care for their infants in new and challenging situations

*To become empowered as the best possible mothers they can be

*To empower other mothers to be their best