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December 19, 2018, fundraising campaign MAMA2MAMA

Creating A Safe Empowered Space for Refugee Mothers and Babies If you were a refugee woman without friends or family in a foreign country with an unknown language and unfamiliar customs and you were pregnant or had an… Read More

Summer Campaign 2018, Why we need your help

Empowering Refugee Mothers, Inspiring Change Summer Campaign 2018 #mama2mama On 14th June we started our summer campaign to enhance our Mothers Support Groups where pregnant women and refugee mothers with small children can come together to exchange ideas,… Read More

AMURTEL announces the kick off summer campaign 2018

Empowering Refugee Mothers, Inspiring Change #mama2mama With this campaign we aim to enhance our Mothers Support Groups and help refugee mothers to empower each other on maternity issues related to parenting in a new culture, infant feeding, breastfeeding,… Read More


DEAR AMURTEL FRIENDS, It’s time again for our summer fundraising campaign! Our twice yearly campaigns, one in the summer  and the other at year’s end, go a long way to keep us afloat. Much of our income is… Read More

A Sad Farewell to the Hospital Accompaniment Program

  Thanks to the international NGO, CARE, our pregnant women were gratefully accompanied by an AMURTEL/CARE social worker and Arabic or Farsi interpreter for their exams in the Greek public hospitals in the period between October 2017 and… Read More

Our Renovated Mother-Baby Safe Space Area

Amurtel is excited to announce our newest renovations, unveiled April of 2018 – the Mother-Baby safe space area. Thanks to the sponsorship of Sporty’s International School in Elliniko, our Mother-Baby area has become more cozy and inviting. Upon… Read More

AMURTEL’s International Newsletter has an article on our work!

Our work in Greece has been written about in the AMURTEL International Newsletter.  We’ve reproduced it here for you to read. You can see the rest of the newsletter on the AMURTEL website.  Thank you to all of… Read More

Amurtel Centre in Athens 6 months’ Anniversary

6 months have passed and here is a video to celebrate the anniversary of Amurtel’s centre in downtown Athens ! Within the last 6 months, more than 1000 mothers from Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Iran, Algeria, Morocco, Greece and… Read More

Volunteer in Mother-Baby Area

Our new Mother-Baby Area is now open!

After weeks of preparation and thanks to your generous help, the AMURTEL Mother-Baby Area in central Athens has opened its doors to refugee mothers and babies. At our new center we will: deliver antenatal and postnatal care to… Read More

Five reasons to volunteer with AMURTEL in Athens

Former long-term volunteer, Anastasia Shepherd, shares why you should consider volunteering with us. 1. A small, flexible team. Amurtel is an international organization, but the  team in Athens is very small and led by volunteers. While there are some… Read More