About us

AMURTEL (Ananda Marga Universal Relief Team Ladies) is an international grassroots women’s NGO with projects world-wide.

We understand that for many women in times of crisis, their main concerns focus around the well-being of their children and family. We are also aware that disasters can make women more susceptible to post-traumatic stress, depression, or lingering shock and grief. Pregnant and postpartum women are often especially vulnerable.

In Greece, we aim to provide safe, all female environments for women during pregnancy and infancy to care for themselves, for each other and for their children. AMURTEL strives to reinforce a woman’s confidence and mothering skills, while bolstering her physical health, providing information and resources and creating community.

We are a multicultural team of women providing both individual and group services by midwives and lactation consultants in our day center in downtown Athens as well as in refugee camps and other community venues.