Platia Viktorias 10-12, 104 34 Athens

About us

AMURTEL is an international, grassroots organization managed by women. In Greece, we are committed to assisting refugee mothers and babies to have the best possible perinatal care, despite the challenging lives they face.

Our local and international volunteers are midwives, doulas, breastfeeding specialists, concerned mothers and pro-active women. Woman-to-woman care is the hallmark of the support given by AMURTEL’s trained volunteers.

“Emergencies affect women and men differently. So can our humanitarian response.” 1

During and after disasters, women often show symptoms of stress, depression, lingering shock and grief. Research shows us that pregnant and postpartum women are especially vulnerable.

We aim to provide safe, all-female environments for women to care for themselves, for each other and for their children. AMURTEL strives to reinforce a woman’s confidence and mothering skills, bolster her and her infant’s physical and mental health, and provide information and resources.

We work in conjunction with La Leche League Greece and Galaxias – The Greek Association of Lactation Consultants (IBCLCs).

Previous AMURTEL Greece projects include responding to the Athens earthquake in 1999, collaborating with UNICEF to create mother-baby areas and psycho-social programs for children during the Kosova crisis, and launching an initiative to encourage volunteerism at humanitarian agencies in Athens.




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