Empowering Refugee Mothers, Inspiring Change

Summer Campaign 2018


On 14th June we started our summer campaign to enhance our Mothers Support Groups where pregnant women and refugee mothers with small children can come together to exchange ideas, share experiences, give and receive information, and at the same time, offer and receive support in breastfeeding, child rearing, and women’s health.

This came as a need by the refugee mothers themselves who are always asking us

• I don’t get enough healthy food-can I breastfeed my baby?
• I am stressed and I don’t have enough milk-how can I breastfeed my baby?
• How do I raise my child in a culture different from my own?
• What is the best baby food for my baby?

These are some of the burning topics that all pregnant and lactating refugees’ mothers share and ask us on daily basis here in AMURTEL.

AMURTEL’s vision is to allow refugee mothers to gather in a safe and comfortable space and empower each other on maternity issues related to parenting in a new culture, infant feeding, breastfeeding, healthy nutrition, caring for a newborn and many aspects of mother-infant care.

OBJECTIVES of the Mothers Support Groups

The groups are comprised of refugee and migrant mothers and are facilitated by a counselor who puts emphasis on mother to mother communication. All women have an active role and can share experiences and receive and give support to the other women who make up the group.
These Mothers Support Groups are aimed at
• Creating networks of mothers to help alleviate the potentially harmful effects of isolation and alienation
• Cultivating inner strength and allowing for a meaningful maternity experience for both mother and baby
• Relieving stress and anxiety and strengthening the ability to create balance in family life
• Increasing basic knowledge of anatomy, physiology, bonding, and nutrition for infants and mothers.


Greece continues to be one of the main entry points for refugees and migrants into Europe. The uncontrolled and often unassisted flow of refugees is an enduring reality. One in five refugee women of childbearing age (15-45) is likely to be pregnant.
Your donations will allow us to:
• Expand our mother to mother support groups according to the needs of the refugee mothers and their cultural background.
• Give refugee mothers the opportunities to form groups on issues related to their maternity experience in a new cultural setting.
• Keep running our Mother-Baby center providing a safe and supportive sanctuary from the turbulence of daily life.

With your support, we can empower refugee mothers to empower themselves and help them build hope and a better future for their families.

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