At AMURTEL we believe that all mothers and babies, including refugees and migrants, have the right to health care, informed choices and all-round support from conception through infancy.


We aim to give that woman-to-woman support in a safe women’s space.

AMURTEL’s women’s center in Athens, Greece is open to all women but mainly serves refugee and migrant women from middle eastern and African countries.

Women come to us to receive

  • Education and support for infant feeding, one of the most crucial and all too often overlooked aspects of infant protection and development. Emphasis is on breastfeeding and the timely and appropriate introduction of solids.
  • Individualized midwifery care during pregnancy and postpartum
  • Empowerment to mother their babies in the best possible way despite the challenging situations they face
  • The opportunity to create community with other mothers in order to overcome the often devastating effects of isolation and loneliness